Musings of Cock torture by an anonymous Mistress

When I have a slave by the balls, I really mean it. Maybe I should explain. One of My favourite activities with male slaves is the art of exquisite penis torture. I don't mean a slap or two, but real torture, from mild to severe. I have never castrated a slave at least, not physically!

One of My favourite victims even devises rating scales for Me to use. I always start a penis torment session with a good warm up. This gets everyone in the mood. I like to start with some bondage maybe the wall rack, or over My bondage chair. Then I begin with a liberal spanking with My leather gloved hand. This progresses to a paddle, maybe the wooden one with the air holes, then on to the crop or flog.

By this time, everyone is certainly in the right spirit. I might add to the mood with some biting clamps added to my victim's tits. I love to see a grown man cry! I sometimes begin the main event with some tight rope bondage; I love the way penis skin bulges between the ropes. It's fun to use rawhide strips to tie the penis and balls into positions nature never intended. Penis suspension is an activity that comes to mind when rope is used. I attach several ropes and run them in different directions to add stress.

I like to vary the intensity of the torments so the training can last longer. So a little playful slapping might be in order at this time. I slap the penis and the balls, individually or together. Sometimes I wear My leather gloves for this, sometimes I just use the gloves themselves for the slapping. I also have a thin little leather ball slapper that really works nicely. Slapping is good to bring more blood into the balls so that sensitivity is enhanced. After all, I want My prisoner to feel My further torments as much as possible. The slapping can be done by itself or in conjunction with other fun things, like tight bondage or suspension. It's also fun to alternate the slapping with other penis torture activities. After all, it's important to keep maximum sensitivity up for the entire training period!

It's fun to tie the balls tightly together as other things are done to the penis. Rope can be used as the ultimate ball spreader. A leather ball spreader can be used, but I prefer rope. A ball press will also work well for giving them that pretty purple colour. The balls can be tightly bound and then attached to the neck collar with the same rope. This exposes a whole new territory of sensitive skin, almost untouched on the male. The area under the balls, in front of the asshole, is one of My favorite spots to inflict wicked torments. A whip or riding crop applied liberally to this area will instill new meaning in the slave's vocabulary of pain. Also, a good scrubbing with a stiff brush will revitalize this spot amazingly.

Clothespins are a wonderful invention. I like to use the wooden spring type on the fans of heavy torment. But I guess it's OK to cop out and use the little plastic ones. At least, they are colourful and attractive. Balls sporting a handful of the plastic clothespins look like an exotic colourful flower. Anyway, I like to use the wooden ones. I apply a few at a time to the balls. I like to gradually work up a slave's tolerance for quantity and amount of time worn. So far, My champion has sported seventy five clothespins on his balls for five minutes. The maximum achieved on the penis so far is twelve for ten minutes. One of the best spots for a tight clothespin on the penis is the frenum, that stretch of pink sensitive skin on the underside, right beneath the head. It's fun to watch a slave hop, dance, howl and plead when this is done. The time limit it can be tolerated is minimal, several minutes at the most.

Another low intensity activity is lotion. Well, that depends on the type of lotion, I suppose. I'm talking about the cool, soothing type. I usually use something with aloe in it; even a gel works nicely. It's fun to tease My victim with hand applications of slippery creams. This, too, will increase the sensitivity of the penis. It is designed to enhance the further tortures to come. It is surprising how sensitive five minutes or so of hand massage with slick lotion can make an otherwise inattentive penis.

Rawhide strips are so very versatile in the art of penis torture. It is fun to tie one end of a long strand around the balls, then wind the rawhide slowly and tightly up the shaft. The tighter this is done, the better. Again, I get the visual effect of tiny pinches of skin bulging between the strands. Of course, it's best to get the wraps as close together as possible with no overlapping. Then I like to perform the rawhide whirl. I grasp the loose end and give a firm tug. I'm told this feels like a do it yourself castration. I know the reactions I get are quite comical. They range from shock, fear, surprise, yelping, howling, sharp intake of breath, to body bucking and swearing. That last is a definite no no and calls for sterner measures. It makes no difference to Me that the poor soul believes he has just undergone a sex change!

I sometimes use chemicals for penis torture. Things such as Ben Gay. A tiny drop on a Q tip is a formidable weapon! For variation, I sometimes apply this to the anus when I have My victim finely trussed. The new Icy Hot stick and roll ons work nicely, too. With them, I don't get that icky stuff on Me. A drop of Wintergreen Oil will bring out deep seated rhythms in any slave. One precaution with these. I have found that some balls tend to break out with sores that take forever to heal when using this stuff. So I try to restrict My usage to small amounts for the penis and asshole. Torture is fun, but long lasting damage is totally uncalled for and is the mark of an amateur.

I have some lovely red clamps that look like little twisted pieces of colored clothes hangers. These work nicely on the balls and seem to be more intense the longer they are left on. I place these the same way I use the clothespins, but they are bigger and there just isn't room enough for any great number of them. I saw some downtown the other day in other colors green, yellow, and blue. I just have to have some. These clamps are fun when combined with other torture toys. A variation of these clamps is the portable clothesline. The clamps on the latter are attached to an elastic line a couple of feet long. This line can be attached to the rack or chair, or whatever. Then the clamps hang handily where they are needed. Placing the end ones on the tits and rest on the cock and balls can be fun, too. The elastic line must stretch almost to its limit to do this and puts a lot of pull on the points pinched by the clamps. The only thing wrong with this toy is that there are not enough clamps, just six or so.

Elastic bands are a common but fun activity. I have small skinny ones, thick ones the post office uses, and large thick bands of black latex. The little ones are fun to apply tightly to the penis and then snap for maximum reaction. This really wakes up a slave. The tighter they can be applied the better. I have to work My fingernails under them to grasp them to snap them or remove them. They do tend to bruise even the most tough of shafts. This can be another one of those quantity activities the more the better. These hurt more when removing them than when putting them on, which adds to the expectations of the slave. I like using a package of the skinny ones in all different colors.

My greatest fan and victim of penis torture loves making Me new toys to use on him. One of these is a set of steel clips. They are particularly vicious, especially the longer they are left on. I like attaching these to the penis head, the shaft, the ball sack, underneath the balls, and, especially, the frenum. My, how My victim jumps and cries with these! A variation to these is My set of red enameled steel fingernails. These are fun to pinch, poke and jab with. They get a good round of response.

Midway through the penis torture training it's time for an alcohol cool down. This is lots of fun, and tends to be startling to the slave if he doesn't expect it. I pour the liquid directly on the penis from the bottle, or pour some in the palm of My hand and slap it to the balls. The alcohol quickly revives an inattentive slave, especially when it drips into those nooks and crannies. It's good in any case for areas that have been worn away a bit too much from all the fun and games. This is another of those activities that can make a slave learn how to dance to My tune.

 Many slaves seem to have a fascination with tiny, sharp pointed items. Spike heels, dagger fingernails and such send shivers down their spines. I like to use spikes during penis torture, also. I have a little red leather penis sheath with lovely little sharp spikes on the inside. This ties on, so one size fits all. I like to apply it to a hard erection. It's fun to playfully jerk on a penis that is wearing this gem. I also have a long thick cord imbedded with spikes. This wraps tightly around the penis for more sharp fun. The spikes are not cutting sharp as I don't enjoy the sight of blood; but they are certainly sharp enough to make themselves known! I also have a leather kid glove with spikes imbedded in the palm (outward, of course!) that I can wear when I feel like caressing My slave's penis and balls. This can sure cure those macho attitudes I detest so much. I have a black leather penis and ball sheath with spikes on the inside, but rarely use it because I don't particularly care for it. It doesn't have the visual effects I like.

I sometimes indulge in urethral torment. This is only for the most advanced pain slaves, however. I have put twenty five Q tips in a slit. I have tormented them with slick straws or tubes, never made of glass. Cocktail stirrers made of plastic work well for this, too. I have used medicine droppers to inject alcohol or tiny amounts of Ben Gay lotion. I have a long tiny straw affixed to a mouth freshener cap (Bianca, or such) that can deliver a short quick spray in the urethra. This keeps a slave hopping. I have used small amounts of liquid detergent, but only rarely as this is too irritating. Sometimes I attach metal clips directly to the sensitive skin at the mouth of the urethra, but this is not one of those activities that can be tolerated for any amount of time.

Another activity for the not faint at heart is searing the penis with hot wax. I like to use a white candle held about a foot above the area I am dripping on. This produces a lot of jumping and squirming from the slave. I've been told that white candles burn hotter. Regardless, they are quite effective in any colour. I enjoy covering the entire penis and/or balls with a thick coating of wax, then scrubbing it off with My stiff brush and beginning again. The second time around is just as much fun as the first. If I feel like it, I do it a third time. One slave once wanted Me to put short birthday candles under his balls. The idea was to light them and let them burn down. I declined. I'm a semi vegetarian and the smell of burning meat makes Me nauseous. However, the sight of a penis buried in a mountain of molten white wax is like a fine work of art to Me. Besides sewing,

I don't particularly like to culminate a penis torture session in slave orgasm. It is really none of My concern whether or not the slave has an orgasm.  I do allow slave orgasm under the strictest of conditions, governed entirely by Myself. When a penis torture devotee is allowed an orgasm, he must be in pain. I prefer to have him orgasm as I use the spike sheath, for instance. This is not always possible, but some type of torment must be present. If he cannot orgasm while in pain, too bad. I simply do not care. His sexual needs are his own problem.

Sometimes I allow a slave to kneel at My feet and show me how he abuses himself to orgasm, but he must be undergoing some kind of discomfort at the least. At the crucial point, I like to have a flog, strap, or crop handy so I can mete out discipline immediately for such a vile act!