Penis Torture

The penis can be tortured in a variety of ways also, however, it is important to note once again that this is an area that is susceptible to damage. Caution should be exercised with the following activities.

I. Whipping

Whipping the penis can be done while it is soft or hard. When the penis is in full erection, blood vessels are
enlarged so it is important that you are careful in doing this exercise. A ruptured vessel takes a lengthy time to
heal and can sometimes interfere with future erections.

You can use any type of whip that you so desire as long as you do not use too much force. Striking the penis with the tips of the whip is preferable since any other motion will produce a wrapping effect.

Some companies make a short whip that often times resembles a key chain. This whip is quite effective in
administering pain given it's small size.

Another suggestion would be to purchase some shoe laces (found at most stores) and tie them together creating a home made whip. The plastic tips at the end of the shoelaces can cause great pain to the submissive when they make contact with the skin. This type of whip is also effective because you can design it to a length that you can handle comfortably. Another way to make your own whip is to buy leather shoe laces and braid them together. This makes a short, easily handled whip that will have more weight to it.

II. Waxing

Totally encasing the penis in wax of various colours can be enjoyable to the Top as well as the bottom. Again, you must decide between hard and soft wax. Soft wax moulds more easily to the surface of the penis and can be layered.

As the wax is layered heat is held in close to the skin on the penis and can be very erotic to the submissive.

Removing sections of the wax is easier if you start with a softer wax. You can take out sections and rewax while the rest is still cooling.

If you are feeling very creative, place a birthday candle at the very tip of the penis when you start waxing and coat the wax at the base until it stands firmly in place. (Be careful not to shove the candle into the urethra.)

Once you have finished waxing the entire surface of the penis, light the birthday candle and watch it's progress. It will drop down onto the existing wax, heating things up again.

III. Binding

The penis can be bound with rope, leather, chain, gauze, or packing tape in much the same manner as the testicles. Binding the penis while soft keeps it from reaching erection and can be an added tool of torture while engaging in other activities. Cock straps are also available in leather and can be fitted onto the penis before it is hard to prevent erection.

Another idea is to place as many condoms on the penis as possible. Each condom will add pressure to the penis as well as cutting down on the amount sensation that the submissive can feel through them. I suggest purchasing cheaper priced condoms for this activity, however, do not use these same condoms for protection purposes. Non-lubricated condoms produce the greatest amount of discomfort to the submissive.